Hi, I'm Kristen Dawson. 

I help women love themselves to the inspiring life they are afraid to even dream.  I show women the steps they can take that will bring them to fulfillment they desire.

I went from depressed addict that hurt her family to highly compelling speaker, trainer and trained holistic life coach.

I spent most of my life feeling not good enough.  I tried so hard to be "good" in an effort to feel "good".  It didn't work.

I learned at an early age to use food to manage my emotions, therefore being larger than everyone around me.  I thought losing weight would be the answer to feeling good.  It wasn't.

I thought major depression was something that happened to me.  I thought periods of being functional followed by a  major depressive episode where I wanted to die was not something I could influence.  I was wrong.

I thought someone else had to tell me I could make an impact.  I thought someone else had to choose me.  Wrong again.

I now have a life I could never have imagined 5 years ago.  I have peace and joy!  I love myself!  I take care of my needs and I chase my goals.

Everything in my life has brought me here.  I am thankful for the difficult experiences in my life.  (We all have them but how we choose to see them may be different.)  Without them, I would not have a driving passion to help people live lives they could not even imagine!

I connect the threads of your life in order to reveal patterns and thoughts that hold you back.  Sometimes the threads are small and are easily remedied with awareness.  Sometimes, the threads are all knotted together and it may take some time to truly get to what is holding you back.  But all the while, we are moving forward.  We are taking action.  We are learning how to trust ourselves - because we have earned it back!


My formal bio

Kristen Dawson is a Calgary based Speaker, Trainer and Coach.  Her education includes a Bachelor of Arts, Adult Learning Certificate, and  Coach training through Radiant Coaches Academy.   She has done work in diverse environments from national crown corporations to non-profit agencies. Kristen values connection with the participants and they, in return, find her style warm, engaging and informative commenting that they can't believe they stayed focused the entire time.