We will meet - most likely virtually - for your session where you decide what you want to talk about.  We talk about what impact it is having on your current life.  We talk about ways of changing your life.  I connect the dots and open your mind to insight that can change your life.  Awareness of who you are and how you relate with the world around you will bring dramatic shifts.  You will have access to me through email/text for in between our sessions.

One on one coaching is where you get my undivided attention for our allotted time.  This is very popular with people who have been through other coaching programs and still feel there is a missing piece.



You will meet - most likely virtually -  with me and a small group of other like minded people also trying to uncover their best selves.  We work as a community, cheering for each other as we all focus on our destination.  There will be a program that will give resources for you to mainly coach yourself.  One on one sessions can be booked for a reduced rate.

Group coaching is beneficial for those who can coach themselves but would like the added benefits that come from dedicated time to focusing on your life and goals.