Thinking, Moving and Intuitive Eating


You know this story …

There’s just one left.  It’s not worth the effort to wrap it up.

So you put it in your mouth.

It seems like you have been on every diet there is. 

You’ve counted points, you’ve counted carbs, you’ve counted calories. You’ve counted fat. You’ve weighed and measured.  You’ve weighed and measured yourself.  Daily.  Or more - especially after you have gone poo.

The only thing you haven’t counted is your worth and value.

What I never understood when I weighed 320 pounds and what I still didn’t understand at 169 (my lowest weight since I was 13) was that NONE OF THAT MATTERS.


Hold on.

What did the little voice inside your head say when you read that?

I know it said something, because mine sure did!

My little voice said, “Of course at least some of that matters.  You can’t just go eat whatever the fuck you want.”

What did your voice say?

Because that’s the kind of work we will do in my 13 week group coaching program on Thinking, Moving and Intuitive Eating (TMI for short.) 

Launching soon!

You don’t eat mindlessly because you are lazy.

You don’t overeat because you don’t know the numbers.

You don’t really know why you do it. 

You just know you wish you could stop. 

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What did it say earlier?

What is it saying now, when you are considering that this might be for you?

It’s best to admit now, that I encourage talking to yourself.  

So if you don’t like that, don’t sign up.

On that note…

Don’t sign up if you want to keep judging yourself.

Don’t sign up if you are committed to a life of comfort. (This is going to feel uncomfortable.)

Don’t sign up if you want to stay stuck in the dieting loop.

Don’t sign up if you enjoy feeling alone in the struggles

What If we didn’t have the little voices in our head telling us that we are not skinny enough, or smart enough, or disciplined enough, or 

Enough enough.

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Haven’t you had enough?

Aren’t you tired of keeping track of Every. Single. Bite?

Can you imagine life where food doesn’t consume all of your thoughts? 

Can you imagine a life where you are not good or bad based on your caloric consumption? 

Doesn’t it just tire you out when you need to eat the right amount of the right foods at the right time?


 Join me for the first-ever TMI program! 


THIRTEEN weekly calls.  

That means for thirteen weeks you will get a lesson and practical tools to focus on during the week related to Thinking, Moving and Intuitively Eating.

That means for thirteen weeks you get a chance to talk with Me (Kristen) and the group about the successes and the struggles of the week.  

That means for thirteen weeks you will get a judgement and shame free space to learn and grow.

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THREE monthly Intuitive Eating sessions.

That means that we will eat together in a social setting. 



That means we will meet as a group and move our bodies for 1 hour!  

That means there will be options to choose from that will best suit your schedule/preferences/fitness.  

That means you may sweat.

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That means you are not alone.  You can share the 24/7 things that you are going through.  Because the 3AM binge is a thing.  

In case you are wondering:  

I will not tell you what to eat.  You and your body will figure that out.

You decide on your own moving. 

The weekly meetups are there for your support. 

If you want to go slower or faster than the others, that is totally cool!  You do you baby!!  (And I will want you to notice how you feel about it.) If you want to just do your own thing, we will celebrate with you!

If you feel like you would like to ask questions during the program, you can email/text/messenger/carrier pigeon.

I am available to book for individual coaching if you want one-on-one level of support.

Are you finally ready to make peace with your mind and body?  

It’s scary, I know!!!

You have “failed” so many times.  

All I can tell you is that I have been there! 


When I weighed 320 pounds, I felt absolutely hopeless.  

I would put in all this work and effort and control and discipline to hardly lose anything.

Why bother?

Let me tell you “Why bother?”

Because this time, maybe for the first time, you are only counting you.

The REAL you.  Your worth and value as a beautiful gift to this world.

When I finally understood my own worth, and when I started to love myself, that’s when I didn’t need to keep feeding myself.

YES!!  YOU ARE RIGHT!! It won’t be easy.  Those voices spring up like the whac-a-mole at the midway. 

But you know what?

They haven’t met the REAL YOU.  They haven’t met the woman you know you are, but don’t know how to be yet.

You’ve got this!!

And I’ve got you.

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Join Us at the introductory rate

$157 per month. 

It will not stay at this price for long! 

Launching soon!